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EUGIPP to support Sakpatenti in developing a tailored training programme

During the months of March and April 2023, EUGIPP will support the Sakpatenti Intellectual Property Training Center of Georgia (SIPTCG) in developing a series of training courses for Georgian examiners and legal officers.

A tailored training programme will allow Sakpatenti’s staff to gather and discuss EUIPO practice on trade mark and design examination proceedings, as well as on decision drafting.

To achieve this objective, EUIPO experts will deliver the training sessions onsite in Georgia, with the purpose of supporting Sakpatenti examiners and legal officers to further align with the European practice in the field of examination of trade mark and design applications.

The comprehensive programme will be distributed in the upcoming weeks and the training sessions will cover the following topics:

The event is meant to be dynamic and will include practical demonstrations. Trainers will ensure that discussions with the audience are interactive and that participants can put what they have learned into practice.


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