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Seminar on the benefits and functionalities of TMview and TMclass

Following the integration of Georgian terms in the EUIPO harmonised database, this activity entails organising a seminar for the benefit of Sakpatenti officials, IP attorneys and other Georgian users.

The event, that took place on 3 February 2021, presented two of the most used EUIPO tools: TMview – the world’s biggest free trade mark search database – and TMclass – a tool that searches for and classifies goods and services when applying for trade mark protection. EUIPO experts provided an overview and practical demonstration, which was open to all users who were interested in registering a trade mark in Georgia and abroad.

The workshop contributed to the increase of efficiency and improvement of quality of IP services in Georgia and ultimately benefited rights holders and businesses. The training also favoured the sustainability of the IT tools adopted by Sakpatenti and favoured the adoption of other EUIPO tools.




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