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Development of IP Scan services and IP pre-diagnostics for the benefit of SMEs

IP pre-diagnostics are one of the key elements in building an SME’s IP strategy. SMEs can benefit from IP experts looking at their business model, products and services, and growth plans and advising them on an IP strategy. This service can help SMEs decide what IPRs to protect, how to develop their IP portfolio if they already have registered rights, and/or how to plan their IP strategy for the future.

The purpose of this activity is to contribute to the build-up of a system of pre-diagnostics services specifically designed for SMEs (IP Scan) within Sakpatenti. More concretely, the scope includes training Sakpatenti staff on how to assess the requirements of SMEs in terms of IPRs and how to guide them to an appropriate IP strategy and to making the most effective choice to protect their rights.

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